Known Issue: Schedules Page

With the release of the preseason schedule last night, we have received some feedback regarding some issues with the Schedules page. Rest assured, we are aware of these issues and are working to remedy them ASAP.

In the meantime, here is what is functioning properly and what we are working to address:

- On the Schedules page there are three drop-down fields: “Rinks”, “Clubs” and “Levels”.

- Six of the Seven main sort functions are working properly. These include various combinations of the three drop-down fields, including All-All-All, Rink-All-All, Rink-Club-All, All-Club-All, All-All-Level and Rink-All-Level.

- The only sort that is not working properly is one involving a XXX-Club-Level combination, intended to provide you with the schedule for an individual team (either at all rinks or at a specific rink). These return a null set of data. There are some issues dealing with multiple teams in the same division (e.g., “A1”, “BB-2”, etc.), which we are investigating.

- On mobile devices, the sort will default to the top “Rinks” field, regardless of which drop-down field you touch. Use the up/down arrows on your device (above the keyboard) to set each field and then press the green "GO" button (like you do on desktop devices) to return the specified sort.

We will post a second notice once this has been sufficiently addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(posted 9/01/2017)


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