Laura Cahn Retirement

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the retirement of Laura Cahn as NORCAL General Manager. She has provided NORCAL and youth hockey with many years of devoted service. I don't know how we will get along without her!

Laura's attention to detail, while keeping the broader picture in mind, has been invaluable. Her willingness to put in extra time and effort to help us meet deadlines has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that we have come to depend upon. I personally owe her a debt of gratitude for all the times she has helped keep me on track, on time, and within our budget. In addition to her incredible competence and skill, she has been a friend to all with her thoughtfulness and quiet encouragement.

Until the board finalizes the role going forward, please direct any questions or concerns that you would have reached out to Laura for to me.

Thank you,

Dan Granata
NORCAL President

(posted 4/09/2022)


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