Notification: Upcoming Season 2021-22

To: All NORCAL Member Associations August 27,2021 Re: Notification Upcoming Season 21/22

Dear Club Presidents & Registrars,

This notification serves to provide all members an update regarding NORCAL’s upcoming season. Please share this document with all members of your association. In an effort to keep our membership educated on the variables effecting our upcoming season, please carefully read the below document and address questions to your club or league leadership.

As are all aware, the policies surrounding vaccination and mask requirements are changing daily throughout our local counties. In an effort to keep our members up to date on the changing environment we have developed a live google doc that can be found on our website. We will do our best to maintain and update the document as promptly as possible, but please be proactive when traveling to other rinks and prepare your players, parents, coaches and team staff accordingly. We have seen several venues use the CLEAR app ( this will help with the check in process in the facilities that require vaccine proof. Each facility is posting their requirements on entering their facility. Please be advised this is the business owner’s policy not NORCAL.

Since the March 2020 shut down of recreational sports our local referee association has lost approximately 65% of its membership. The outlying areas have been the hardest hit, leaving some communities/rinks with zero available officials.

The association is actively recruiting new members, devising policy and plans to reclaim their lost officials, and working closely with both NORCAL and CAHA to find speedy and effective resources.

What does this mean for our membership organizations?

This means that there are simply not enough referee's / officials to host NORCAL games.

Due to the referee shortage, please prepare your members for the following information:
- Games will be attempted to be played in 'clusters' at available rinks to better facilitate referee availability.
- The NORCAL preseason and regular season will most likely be fewer games as previously allotted.
- Home/Away balance will not be based on game location and may be unbalanced.
- The schedule may be released in small increments as we work with the rinks and officials to accommodate our needs.
- Organizations must follow facilities policies at all time to participate in any events.

At this time, A/B/BB exhibition games cannot be facilitated due to the referee shortage.

We hope everyone can exercise patience and understanding as we all work to save the upcoming season. We recognize that most questions cannot be answered at this time, and we understand the frustration of the unknown, the inability to plan, and the uncertainty of how this season may be salvaged. The NORCAL Executive Board is meeting weekly and will keep you updated as things develop. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to keep the kids on the ice and youth hockey alive in Northern California.


NORCAL Youth Hockey Executive Board of Directors

(posted 8/28/2021)


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