CAHA 2020-2021 Season COVID Updates

This letter shall serve to provide all members an update regarding changes impacting the upcoming 2020-2021 season that were enacted by the CAHA Board during yesterday’s Special Meeting;

2020-2021 Tryout Dates
As a result of recent updates with respect to governmental restrictions on youth sports activities, CAHA is pushing the CAHA permitted tryout calendar for on-ice tryouts as follows;

- Tier 1 not earlier than 10/1*
- Tier 2 not earlier than 10/5
- A / BB / B / HS not earlier than 10/8

2020-2021 Tier 1 Team Formation / Rostering
For Tier 1 only (due to the fact that Tier 1 teams play a majority of the season’s games outside of CAHA League play), starting Friday, July 24, 2020, CAHA approved Tier 1 teams may roster players without a physical on-ice tryout subject to the following stipulations;

- Player/Coach rostering is subject to ALL normal USA Hockey rules/requirements/restrictions
- Clubs/Teams may NOT issue player contracts or otherwise bind player financially to a rostering team until after such time that physical on-ice tryouts are permitted to be held
- Clubs/Teams may not CUT a player once rostered
- Players my choose to DROP for any reason without penalty up until actual on-ice tryouts are permitted to be held, at which time any rostered Tier 1 player must choose to enter into their Club/Team’s player contract or elect to drop
- Players may NOT participate with any other Club/Team once they have been rostered, however should they wish to DROP from one Tier 1 team to join a different Tier 1 team they may do so up until such time that actual on-ice tryouts and player contracts can be issued, by simply providing notice to their team manager of their request to DROP

2020-2021 Tier 2 Season Format
Due to the number of Tier 2 teams and the continued postponement by the State with respect to youth sports competition, coupled with the already noticed Tier 2 tryout dates, CAHA will not be scheduling the usual CAHA Tier 2 Weekends, but rather Tier 2 games this season will be scheduled by their respective Leagues (NORCAL/SCAHA) at such time the State permits youth sports competition. CAHA Tier 2 State Championships will differ this year only, from the normal (4) team/division format, to a (6) team/division format (2-NORCAL/4-SCAHA) with the teams selected by their respective League to advance.

Thomas Hancock

Cc: D. Granata, NORCAL; D. Bigelow, SCAHA; M. Blanchart, ADHSHL; M. Petrovich, LAKHSHL; S. Galaviz, SHSHL

(posted 7/19/2020)


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