Santa Rosa Rink Temporarily Closed

A short time ago, the Santa Rosa Flyers club learned that their home facility (Snoopy's Home Ice) will need to cancel all scheduled preseason home games for the next two weekends. This includes all 8 games scheduled for September 8-9 and September 15-16.

Rink staff located the source of a leak on Tuesday and had begun quick repairs on what they thought would only result in minimal disruption to the ice surface, eventually allowing them to fully re-freeze the ice surface by Saturday afternoon. However, once they melted the ice above where the leak was (along the end boards) so they could start their work, the leak suddenly got MUCH worse and now needs much more in-depth repairs beyond the "quick" version they had originally hoped to complete.

In order to remedy the issue, they must melt the far end of the ice and completely remove the end boards. NORCAL has been informed that if they do not immediately begin this two-week repair option and the current leak is allowed to continue at its current rate, the ice equipment could be seriously jeopardized for the long term, which could result in a worst-case 3-month repair scenario.

All scheduled games have been moved and/or rescheduled to later dates. NORCAL thanks the teams and clubs involved for their quick response and understanding. We all hope that this issue does not require long-term construction so that the Flyers can resume play on their home ice in the near future!

NORCAL will provide updated information as it becomes available.

(posted 9/07/2018)


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