CAHA Tier II Changes

April 18, 2017

Dear CAHA Associations and Members,

In a continual effort to improve our league the CAHA Board of Directors appointed a special Tier Committee to assess the Tier II (AA) division in hopes of improving competitiveness and address ongoing concerns of our membership. Based on their recent proposal, the CAHA Board of Directors voted in favor of the below changes Tier II for the 2017/2018 season.

All teams that wish to declare 12u, 14u or 16u Tier II (AA) must attend the CAHA Labor Day Jamboree in San Jose, CA September 1-4, 2017. Teams may also be required to participate in 2 weeks of local ‘pre-season’ games. Following evaluations teams will be placed accordingly as follows:

1. Placed in top flight of division
2. Placed in bottom flight of division
3. Removed from the Tier II division (dropped to ‘A’)

All teams shall play each team within their respective flight during CAHA mandated weekends.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the 1 st place team in the top flight will automatically advance to State Championships. Playdowns will include the 2 nd – 8 th place teams in the top flight. The top team in the bottom flight will have a chance to compete for the final playdown spot.

Additional details will be available following the June CAHA Board of Directors meeting.

All Tier II teams must meet the feeder and PDR requirements as previously set forth by the CAHA Board of Directors. These changes do not include the 18u division.

We hope this information helps prepare your organization for the upcoming tryouts and teams declarations. Please feel free to contact your local league President or myself with questions.


Laura Cahn
CAHA Youth Council Chairperson

(posted 4/18/2017)


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