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Date Day Time Rink League Division Type Game# Away Home Score Status Live Sheet
02/23/19 Sat 5:15PM Yerba Buena Norcal 10U A Regular 18147 San Jose Jr Sharks 10A-1 San Francisco Sabercats 10A 0-4 14:45 3rd Live Sheet
02/23/19 Sat 6:00PM Fresno Norcal 12U BB Regular 16999 San Jose Jr Sharks Girls 12BB Fresno Jr Monsters 12BB 0-2 10:15 1st Live Sheet


Date Day Time Rink League Division Type Game# Away Home      
02/23/19 Sat 4:30PM Lake Tahoe Norcal 14U B Regular 17044 Redwood City Black Stars 14B-1 Lake Tahoe Grizzlies 14B      
02/23/19 Sat 5:45PM Santa Rosa Norcal 10U BB Regular 16615 Redwood City Black Stars 10BB Santa Rosa Flyers 10BB      
02/23/19 Sat 6:30PM Dublin Norcal 14U B Regular 16723 San Jose Jr Sharks 14B Tri Valley Blue Devils 14B      
02/23/19 Sat 7:00PM Yerba Buena Norcal 12U B Regular 18148 Santa Clara Blackhawks 12B San Francisco Sabercats 12B      
02/23/19 Sat 7:45PM Fremont Norcal 12U BB Regular 18556 Santa Rosa Flyers 12BB Santa Clara Blackhawks 12BB      


Date Day Time Rink League Division Type Game# Away Home Score Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 1:00PM Lake Tahoe Norcal 10U BB Regular 17042 Capital Thunder 10BB Lake Tahoe Grizzlies 10BB - Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 2:00PM Roseville #2 Norcal 12U A Regular 17968 San Francisco Sabercats 12A Capital Thunder 12A 5-2 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 2:00PM Oakland NHL Norcal 14U A Regular 18015 San Francisco Sabercats 14A Oakland Bears 14A 10-2 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 2:30PM Redwood City Norcal 16U A Regular 18318 Tri Valley Blue Devils 16A-2 Redwood City Black Stars 16A 10-1 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 2:45PM Lake Tahoe Norcal 12U BB Regular 17043 Tri Valley Blue Devils 12BB Lake Tahoe Grizzlies 12BB - Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 3:45PM Roseville #2 Norcal 14U A Regular 17967 Santa Clara Blackhawks 14A Capital Thunder 14A 10-1 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 3:45PM Oakland NHL Norcal 14U B Exhibition 18016 San Jose Jr Sharks Girls 19AA Oakland Bears 14B 7-1 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 4:00PM Santa Rosa Norcal 10U B Regular 16614 Oakland Bears 10B Santa Rosa Flyers 10B 6-2 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 4:40PM Vallco Norcal 12U A Regular 16528 San Jose Jr Sharks 12A-2 Cupertino Cougars 12A 2-1 Boxscore  
02/23/19 Sat 4:45PM Dublin Norcal 10U B Regular 16722 San Jose Jr Sharks 10B Tri Valley Blue Devils 10B 8-1 Boxscore  


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