NORCAL CEP Coordinator/Instructor

Karl Schoech

Pacific District CEP Administrator

Nancy Hodge

2018-2019 Clinics

The schedule for Bay Area coaching clinics:

8/11/18 - South Lake Tahoe, Levels 1, 2 & 3
9/23/18 - Vacaville, Level 3
10/7/18 - Vacaville, Level 1
10/20/18 - San Jose, Level 3
11/3/18 - San Jose, Level 1
11/11/18 - Vacaville, Level 2
11/17/18 - San Jose, Level 2

Coaches will need skates, helmet, gloves and stick for the on-ice session. Registration is online at

These will be the only Bay Area seminars held this season. Coaches must attend the seminar for their level and they must attend the entire day. Registration and payment through the USA Hockey website is required for these clinics. Registration is open now.

Questions or Concerns? Please contact Seminar Coordinator Karl Schoech.


2018-2019 Screening Information

As mandated by CAHA, the USA Hockey Affiliate for the state of California, all adults directly involved in ice hockey must take part in the CAHA screening process.

This includes:

All adult coaches and all other adult participants with routine contact with players must comply with USA Hockey and CAHA screening requirements before participating in any USA Hockey, CAHA, or NORCAL event. These individuals must consent to be screened and complete the screening process.

These requirements include summer programs as well.

CAHA maintains a list of people who have complied with the screening process, which can be found HERE.

NOTE: The requirement for screening is non-negotiable, not flexible, and will be enforced by NORCAL, CAHA and USA Hockey. The ONLY evidence that one has been successfully screened is to have one's name and expiration date appear on the COMPLIANCE LIST. The penalty for non-compliance is a 12 month suspension for non-screened people participating in any event.

Questions or concerns? Please contact CAHA Screening Coordinator Wendy Goldstein.

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